FREE SHIPPING NEW Schutt Rib Pads Combo JR Pro 7981 Size Youth Small ... Dean's Liquidation Going to battle without the Schutt Youth Football Rib Protector can bring unnecessary danger to one of the most injury prone areas of your body, but with it, your playmaking abilities won't be relegated to the bench after a shot to the ribs! It's time to get serious about protecting vulnerable areas of your body on the football field. A helmet, shoulder pads, and thigh pads are not the only football pads you need to keep yourself healthy enough to make the right plays at the right times. The quarterback and wide receiver positions leave their ribs susceptible to devastating hits and are usually seen wearing rib protectors, but are not the only positions that can benefit from protection in that area. Which positions don't need the ability to lift their arms? None, and moving your arms can be awfully painful after a rib injury, so get protected and affect the game. Smart protection is the key to injury prevention and coaches are always looking for smart, healthy, and hard-working players. Coach, I'm ready to go! 

Schutt Rib Pads Combo JR Pro 7981 (New)

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