Features a WiFi Camera which can achieve real time stream by connecting a smart phone. The recorded pictures and videos can stored in smart phone directly without memory card. Super mini design of only about 5.8cm diameter and 2.5cm height, the little cute quadcopter and even the transmitter can be put in your pocket, and follow you everywhere ... FREE SHIPPING -- Dean's Liquidation Sales 

With attractive high hold function, the quadcopter can hover at a fixed height. And, the controlling is simple for beginners, so it called “stupid high hold”.
360 degree rollover / 3D flip function /  makes your aircraft turning around and around likes an excited bird, let’s enjoy more fun of rolling.

Motion controller function is available by using smart phone.
2.4GHz transmitter power ensures the strong anti-jamming capability.
6 axis gyro, ensures the stability and good performance.
Bright LED light, suitable and beauty for night flight.
USB charging way is convenient for you to charge via computer.

You can also enjoy some basic operating features like forward / backward / up / down / turn left / turn right / sideward flight.

  • Height Hold/Hovering: By sensing a change in air pressure value, adjust to a constant height. The controlling is simple for beginners.
  • Adjustable Speed: comes with 3 types adjustable speed modes (30%, 70%, 100%). Fly with the appropriate speed for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced player.
  • One-Key Landing & Take-off Feature: Easy to take-off and to land. 
  • High-speed rotation/3D Flip: Cool tricks. 
  • Low voltage warning feature: When the battery power is low, the red warning light blinks.

Flying Drone with VIDEO CAM + VR Goggle Set

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