FREE SHIPPING NEW - No Bark Collar works by progressively increasing the harmless sound and static stimulation to stop the annoying #dog barking. Sensitive Sound Sensor. 7 correction levels: warning tone at the first two levels; gradually increasing warning sound and static stimulation to the dog for the last 5 levels if the dog do not stop barking. Sensitivity can be adjusted according to the sound volume of different dogs.Special Protection for Your Dog. If the collar reaches the 7 level (the highest level), it will stop working for one minute to protect the dog.Adjustable Nylon Collar. Lightweight collar (78g), designed for dogs' neck size up to 11-19.1 inches ... #pet friendly Easy to use. Place the collar around your dog's neck and adjust the collar length, then it will work automatically. You can check if the No Bark Receiver works by the electricity measurer before use.Details :Do you know No Bark Collar?Dogs are very smart animals. Sometimes we look upon it as a child. But everything has its rule. We must make sure they know what to do and what not to do rather than blindly spoiling them. Many people think it is being very cruel to use this No Bark Collar. But actually it is a very effective and humanized device to stop the barking dogs when you are complained by your neighbors. It is much better than removing the true vocal cords of the dog or seeing the dogs being taken away by the police helplessly....This anti-bark collar will help you to break the bad habits of your dog in an effective and humane way. By gradually increasing the sound and static stimulation, the dog will quickly learn that is caused because of its barking. When your dog forgets and barks again, the warning tone reminds your pet with no immediate painful stimulus. At each step, your dog gets to choose whether it's worth the increasing pain to bark again. It is more humane and effective than the conventional shocking bark control collars.

Specifications :  

Dimension (Bark Collar): 3.9*3.15*1.8 inch

Weight (Bark Collar): 54g

Dimension (Belt): 28*48.5mm

Weight (Belt) :24g

Battery: 6V Alkaline Battery


Dog No Bark Electric Training Collar Audio Kit (Pet Friendly)

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