Girl With Wings Bronze Sculpture by La Vingtrie 16" H x 6" L - RARE - Good Condition - Deans Liquidation Estate Sales Nashville Tennessee - FREE SHIPPING 

The Girl With Wings Sculpture by La Vingtrie features a half nude female figure with wings. She is slightly bent at the hips holding a piece of cloth in her hands that wraps around the lower half of her body. This is a modern piece as the girl is not as defined or voluptuous as older pieces. Her wings are outstretched as if she is ready to fly. There are moments when we all wish we had wings and could just fly away from everything, and this bronze has captured that moment for us to enjoy. This HEAVY BRONZE sculpture is cast in the traditional lost wax process. Each bronze is handmade and hand finished with the highest quality craftsmanship designed to last a lifetime. This bronze will last forever outdoors or indoors. It is made to stand up to the elements and will look great wherever you place it with little or no maintenance. This is an excellent quality bronze masterpiece for impressive display in home, office, outdoors or as gifts. 

Bronze Sculpture

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