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Smart Market Adjustment Buy Art vs Stock Investments

Original Signed Art is an investment alternative to diversify the portfolio versus traditional stocks and real estate. On average, fine Art produces investment gains of 6% to 12% annually over 50 years, according to several studies. CLICK HERE REVIEW DELOITTE ART INVESTMENT STUDY

The advantages to investing in fine art include ...

1. Fine Art is a nice hedge against economic downturns, its a one-of-a-kind piece

2. Protection against monetary devaluation issues, given very high U.S. Debt risks

3. Fine Art is easy to hand down within a family, generally there's no record of exchange

4. Original signed art is generally less risk than most equity stock investments over 50 years, particularly with known artists for example, like Ms. Mary Fields Neville (details below).

Case studies such as data from Moses and Mei have compiled 9,000 such repeat-sale pairs and add between 300 and 400 every six months, enabling them to compile an index. (The paintings in the index aren’t all blockbusters. Moses estimates that the median size of recent transactions charted is about $200,000 or $300,000.) As their most recent update show over the last 50 years, stocks (as represented by the S&P 500) returned 10.9 percent annually, while the art index returned 10.5% annually. And in the five years between 2001 and 2005, art trounced stocks.

Why? Like blue-chip stocks, well-known paintings by blue-chip artists are known quantities and offer safety and stability. As with stocks, the greatest opportunity for growth in art values comes when investors focus their attention on a hot new sector or name. CLICK HERE ARTICLE DETAILS

Studies indicate fine art is a nice addition to any financial investment portfolio, as a smart long term investment, protection against sluggish economy and hedge against future higher taxes.

Recently, Deans Liquidation Estate Sales acquired over 200 of original signed art works directly from Mary Field Neville, a prominent American artist born in 1931. Ms. Neville lives in Nashville, Tennessee. A native of West Virginia, was educated at West Virginia University and Parsons School of Design. She worked as a commercial artist in graphic design, fashion and general illustration; she has held positions as advertising manager and art instructor giving workshops and teaching privately. Mary has exhibited widely in solo and juried exhibitions on local, state, regional and national levels receiving numerous awards. She is an artist/signature member of the Tennessee, Kentucky and Southern Watercolor Societies. Her paintings are in private and public collections including the Tennessee State Museum and Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage (where displayed is a fifteen foot long panorama watercolor painting of Rachel’s Garden at the Hermitage). A selection of Mary’s work has been featured in four fine art books, two of which are Rockport Publishers “The Best of Watercolor.” ... SHOP ORIGINAL SIGNED ART INVESTMENTS


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